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Our Work

You can't walk through doors if they aren't open to you. Our advisers open doors.

We’re the nation’s largest nonprofit service organization dedicated to educational equity.

  • We believe that educational equity means that 100% of high school students deserve personal guidance so they can identify their best career path.  
  • We provide whole-school, wrap-around college, and career services to all students and their families even before senior year, rather than focusing on a small cohort of top-performing, college-bound seniors.  
  • Our “best match/best fit” model meets students where they are, helping them to identify institutions that represent a good academic match and a good financial, social, and cultural. 

Our mission includes national service and a double bottom line.  

  • We recruit “near-peer” recent college graduates for two years of service in our Corps. Their life stories mirror those of their students, which is essential to their success as coaches and role models.  
  • Last year, eight in 10 College Advising Corps advisers were people of color, first-generation college graduates, and/or Pell-eligible themselves. Advisers are available to students full-time, on a daily basis, not just part-time or after hours.  
  • Rather than external service providers, they become trusted leaders in their school communities.  

"These students didn't see a path to college. This advising program helped them find one." — BILL GATES 2021

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Our Advising Models

On-Site, Whole School

Advisers foster inclusion and ignite a higher education culture in schools. Students see themselves in their College Advising Corps advisers, which builds incredibly supportive, powerful connections.


Advisers use technology, including AI, SMS texting, video and in-person meetings to reach students and their families. They connect with students when it's most convenient for them, in-person or online, during or after school, and even on the weekends.

Knowing that the work I do is impacting the lives of others for the better enables me to go home feeling fulfilled. Jacob Ferguson, Adviser, UNC-Wilmington