Ekaterina Struett

Ekaterina Struett, formerly Interim CEO, was appointed by College Advising Corps’ Board of Directors to assume the role of Chief Executive Officer, effective Aug. 1, 2022. She served as Interim CEO from May 2021 through July 2022.

Ekaterina serves as a liaison with strategic partners and is responsible for creating and maintaining collaborative relationships with CAC staff members, the CAC Board of Directors, and external constituents.

Ekaterina knows first-hand the transformative impact that college access has on economic mobility. As an adult immigrant to the United States, she completed her college education while working full-time and raising three children. Ekaterina is committed to helping students from all backgrounds and walks of life learn about the post-secondary opportunities available to help them achieve their dreams. She knows that doors to higher education were opened to her because people believed in her and pointed the way. This is the message CAC advisers deliver to young people every day.

Prior to serving as Interim CEO, Ekaterina served CAC as the Chief Operating Officer, Chief of Staff, and Senior Director of People Operations. Her previous experience includes executive roles with Rise Against Hunger and Larson Training Centers, Inc. Ekaterina received her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from North Carolina State University.