What We Do

College Advising Corps focuses on college enrollment and completion among low-income, first-generation college, and underrepresented high school students by delivering personalized, knowledgeable guidance on college admission, financial aid, and enrollment.

We do this through two innovative program models:

Our in-school model places well-trained, recent college graduates from one of our partner universities as full-time college advisers in high schools across the nation. Advisers work to foster a college-going culture within the schools they serve, which is one of the best predictors of whether students will pursue higher education. Advisers become part of their school’s community. They collaborate with teachers and administrators to tie college-going into the life of a school, devise creative approaches to reach and connect with students, and most importantly, open the eyes of students and their families to the possibility of college. Equally important, advisers supplement, not replace, existing high school counseling staff, thereby reaching more students.

Our virtual model leverages technology to connect well-trained, recent college graduates with students everywhere in the nation that technology can reach. Our Virtual Advisers provide remote support to high-achieving low- and moderate-income students. Virtual Advisers use video chat, email, telephone calls, and text messages to help students prepare for college. We serve students virtually through Virtual Advisers.

From navigating the college admissions maze, to securing SAT/ACT fee waivers and assisting students and their families with FAFSA applications, our advisers become experts, mentors, champions, and guides. It is not hyperbole to say that they change the lives of the students they serve. See for yourself: