Our Core Values

Grace and Humility
At CAC, we prioritize service to others as core to our mission. We believe that students, advisers, and communities are at the center of our work. And that listening, supporting, and learning with them are vital to address equity and advance opportunity.

Tenacity and Persistence
At CAC, we persevere and persist to accomplish our goals in the face of challenges and setbacks. Just as our advisers work in selfless service of our students, we commit ourselves to overcome obstacles on the journey to realize a more just and equitable education system.

At CAC, we make strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation with the goal of increasing our impact and advancing knowledge. Our focus on data will strengthen the field of college access and lead to better outcomes for our students and advisers.

Learning and Innovation
At CAC, we are continuously creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge. We are committed to testing and innovating in service of advancing the college access field and to learning and scaling effective practices which will empower all students.