Goal 2025 Action Plan

Key Steps to 1,000,000

These actions will help us reach far more students.

By 2025, we will more than double our impact across our first 10 years and enroll in college one million students from low-income, first-generation-college and underrepresented backgrounds. To achieve this goal, we will take a deliberate set of actions that capitalize on what we know works.

Taking Action

To harness our research-based, continually-refined approach and achieve our 1,000,000 students goal by 2025, among other priorities we will: 

  1. Vastly expand our advising corps to improve their reach into communities with the greatest promise and the greatest need.
  2. Build new services that will advance our work with all three of the ecosystems with which we collaborate—families, high school and university partners and school districts.
  3. Create an array of new virtual advising programs and related technologies to extend the reach of our advising nationwide.
  4. Expand our summer and in-service trainings for advisers.
  5. Extend our partnership with the College Board to use data-driven development to establish a national model that supports high school students in every grade.
  6. Build out comprehensive research into technologies that can be applied most beneficially to impact students’ educational advancement and transition to college.
  7. Extend our partnership with researchers associated with Stanford University in order to codify best advising practices for world-class programs—and share what we learn widely with schools, districts and other educational programs.
  8. Drive an ambitious fundraising campaign that will allow us to invest in growth, research and service.