Program Director Retreat Held in Detroit!

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North Carolina and Virginia Program Directors and Regional Director at the Program Director Retreat

Key to College Advising Corps’ impact is our talented, dedicated Program Directors. Our Program Directors recruit, train, and support our advisers throughout their service. With guidance from our Program Directors, our advisers successfully help high-need students navigate the college admissions process and secure financial aid. Our Program Directors are key to increasing opportunity for America’s students.

From April 8-10, a total of 31 program staff representing 22 College Advising Corps university partner programs met in Detroit, Michigan for our annual Program Director Retreat. The convening is an ideal opportunity to network and share best practices. While there, we asked Program Directors the following question:

In one sentence, what are you most proud of thus far from the 2014-2015 school year?

Here are some responses:

“I’m most proud of how deeply our advisers have immersed themselves into their schools and communities to become fully dedicated in helping students make individualized postsecondary plans.” – Sarah Kucemba, Program Coordinator at College Advising Corps University of Michigan

“This year, we expanded to serve all Fort Worth independent school district high schools, and 10 of our 24 college advisers graduated from one of the high schools we now serve.” – Matt Burckhalter, Program Director at College Advising Corps TCU

“It is so exciting that our college advisers are providing excellent service to our students, and we will be increasing our college advising staff from 27 this year to 31 next school year!” – Ruben Watson, Program Coordinator at College Advising Corps Michigan State University

“In our first operating year, I’m most proud of the hard-work and dedication my advisers exhibit toward their students’ success and to fostering a college-going culture within their schools!” – Patti L. Baynes, Program Director at College Advising Corps NC State University

“It has been rewarding to see first-hand how the passionate work by the advisers inspires and assists young bright students to realize their college dream.” – Jeanette Maxie, Program Director at College Advising Corps Texas A&M University

“I am most proud of the number of scholarship awards our advisers have helped their students win this year! (Including the highest number of New York Times Scholarship winners at one NYC public high school this year).” – Aileen Moner, Program Director at College Advising Corps New York University