Gratitude Is Appreciated — Even by the President of the United States

Stephanie LaMarca, Program Director for the University of Texas at Austin College Advising Corps, checked her postal mail on July 8th like any other day. She didn’t have any expectations nor was she anticipating anything special – just the run of the mill bills and advertisements. To her surprise, she noticed an envelop from the White House. Enclosed was a letter addressed to Stephanie and signed by the President of the United States.

Stephanie's Letter from President Obama

Stephanie’s Letter from President Obama

The letter was in response to the Gratitude Campaign, an initiative led by the College Advising Corps. In the spirit of grace and humility, the Gratitude Campaign asks advisers to take a few minutes throughout the year to join the national office in writing notes of appreciation to select stakeholders who support the College Advising Corps. “

In January, the College Advising Corps requested that half of my staff (12 advisers) write letters of thanks to the President,” said LaMarca. “I collected most of these letters while conducting site visits in February and mailed them all in one package, along with a letter from myself, in early March.”

President Obama has been an avid supporter of the College Advising Corps. During the College Access Summit in January, he highlighted our growth and the story of former University of Georgia adviser Lawrence Harris.

LaMarca concluded, “I wasn’t expecting to receive anything like this response but was excited that we did and that I could share it with my staff!”