Meet Shameek Robinson

Shameek Robinson, Regional Director – Northeast

We’d like to say “Meet Shameek Robinson, Regional Director – Northeast at College Advising Corps,” but if you’ve ever stepped foot onto the New York college access and success scene you’ve probably met him 

A self-proclaimed and passionate renaissance man, we’re happy to have Shameek and highlight the amazing work he does. His enthusiasm for supporting underrepresented, first-generation, and low-income students is evident at every turn of conversation you may have with him.  

If you sit with Shameek for a spell, he’s sure to share how his high school Latin teacher Mrs. Gironda “voluntold” his participation on the debate team because, as he retells it, “She said to me ‘you like to run your mouth and argue; let’s learn how to do that in a controlled and organized format – with trophies and everything’.” Or he may possibly focus on those 6 a.m. Saturday morning yellow bus rides to debate tournaments at schools and college campuses across the region, providing life-changing exposure and opening the door to the possibility of post-secondary education.  

These pivotal moments set the stage for Shameek to pursue a career of equity, activism, college access and success work. Shameek and the university partner programs he supports are dedicated to helping high school students discover a path to and through higher education. 

“My first year advising was really just learning as I went and also about looking at opportunities through the lens of  what would have benefited me in high school at that time.” 

As a key part of the College Advising Corps team, Shameek is truly doing impactful and inspiring work. If you’d like to grab a quick chat with Shameek, just be prepared to treat him to tiramisu or a slice of Tres Leches cake. You’re sure to learn something you didn’t know before!