We are Data-Driven!

2014 was a fantastic year for the College Advising Corps! Evidence confirms that our advisers are making a huge impact on thousands of students across the country.

2014 student survey data show that compared to students who have not met with a College Advising Corps adviser, students who have met with an adviser are more likely to aspire to go to college, participate in college-prep activities, apply to college, submit multiple applications, be accepted to college, and be committed to going to college in the fall.

Specifically, students who meet with the adviser in their school are:

  • 17.2% more likely to visit a college or university;
  • 20.7% more likely attend a workshop related to college attendance or college fair;
  • 19.9% more likely to take ACT/SAT prep courses;
  • 14.3% more likely to take a college class for credit;
  • 26.6% more likely to submit the FAFSA;
  • 18.6% more likely to know more about college than at the beginning of the academic year;
  • 30.0% more likely to apply to a college/university; and
  • 17.9% more likely to apply to 3 or more institutions.

Moreover, in just the first semester of the 2014-2015 school year, advisers:

  • Held nearly 141,000 1:1 meetings;
  • Organized 42,000+ college rep visits;
  • Helped 36,000+ students with their college applications;
  • Organized 11,500+ college campus visits; and
  • Assisted students in receiving $9,500,000+ in scholarships.

We are so humbled by the tremendous efforts of our advisers. We cannot wait to see what 2015 brings!