CAC Recruiting Recent College Graduates To Its National Network

Updated July 26, 2021


College Advising Corps is currently recruiting recent and soon-to-be college graduates to serve as college advisers in underserved high schools nationwide.

“College Advising Corps is a nonprofit organization that places college graduates in high schools where they work to increase the number of low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented high school students enrolling in higher education,” said Gregory Nicholson, Ph.D., chief program officer. “Advisers help students navigate the complex college application process, including applying for FAFSA. We believe that postsecondary education is the surest path to economic mobility.”

College Advising Corps partners with 31 universities across the country. College advisers help students discover the right match and fit—whether it be a four-year university, community college, trade school, or military service. To date, College Advising Corps has helped more than 500,000 students with their postsecondary plans and has pledged to enroll one million students in higher education by 2021.

“As a first-generation, low-income college graduate, I was grateful for the opportunity to offer my students an equitable college and career process,” said Kim Burdi, a former College Advising Corps adviser. “My service as an adviser was key in breaking the cycle for those who did not know or believe a postsecondary credential or degree was meant for them. It is important to understand that being an adviser not only changes the trajectory of your future but also the futures of your students, families, and communities.”

Openings are currently available with many of the following university partners and CAC programs:

The deadline for applications closes soon in many cases, so please apply now. For more information on serving as a college adviser, please visit