From Adviser to Program Director

Patti Baynes

Patti Baynes, NC State Program Director

The College Advising Corps serves a unique purpose in providing higher education access to students from low-income backgrounds. The model provides results and benefits for various constituencies – including the advisers themselves. We are proud that the experience of serving as a College Advising Corps adviser continues to instill a passion to work in education for so many alumni. Patti Baynes is our latest example. An adviser with the Carolina College Advising Corps from 2010-12, Baynes is the new Program Director at the NC State College Advising Corps.

“Working as a college adviser in rural North Carolina really crafted my passion for college access and laid the foundation for my professional career. My experience as an adviser has enabled me to smoothly transition into my role as Program Director for the NC State College Advising Corps and truly connect to the students we serve,” Baynes said.