Advisers and Alumni: Be Part of Opportunity Youth United Movement

“Opportunity youth”, young people ages 16-24 who are not in school nor employed, can face many obstacles that make college matriculation, much less completion, incredibly difficult. Thanks to a new partnership, College Advising Corps advisers and alumni can help opportunity youth overcome many obstacles to college matriculation and degree attainment.

College Advising Corps is a sponsoring organization of the National Council of Young Leaders, which focuses on increasing opportunity and decreasing poverty in America. Two College Advising Corps alums, Gilbert Bonafe and Raechal Perez, serve on the National Council and through their work are actively addressing the issues that affect opportunity youth across our nation. As the movement continues to grow, we encourage current and former College Advising Corps advisers to consider signing on to support the Opportunity Youth United (“OYU”) movement.

Along with other sponsoring organizations, CAC is aiming to grow a movement of 1000+ current and former opportunity youth that will have the power to be heard, to influence others to make the changes, and to show those in positions of power and influence that young people from low-income backgrounds have ideas for change that can benefit society as a whole.

As a member of this movement, advisers and alumni have the opportunity to participate in the following:

  • Developing community action teams
  • Empowering members to act locally to solve problems
  • Invitation to a Youth Summit in Philadelphia in the spring
  • Voter registration work
  • Mobilizing and training members to run for office

If you are a current or former opportunity youth, meaning from a low-income background, under the age of 40, who has faced poverty and are seeking opportunity for employment, education, community service and/or leadership, please consider joining Opportunity Youth United by signing up here.

If you are not a current or former opportunity youth, you can still stand with Opportunity Youth United as an ally by signing up here.

If you are an AmeriCorps member and decide to join OYU, to avoid any possibility of non-compliance, current advisers cannot count any time with OYU towards their AmeriCorps service hours and should not wear anything displaying the AmeriCorps logo to any meetings or activities.

If you have questions, please contact Jennie Cox Bell, College Advising Corps National Director of Partnerships at

If you have questions about the work of our alumni serving on the National Council of Young Leaders, please reach out to Gilbert or Rachael at:

Gilbert Bonafe

Raechal Perez