About the Job

“Being a college adviser with College Advising Corps is an amazing  job. It’s definitely the hardest job I’ve ever done. I can’t imagine doing a harder job than this, but at the same time, it’s amazing. Sometimes you’re a teacher. Sometimes you’re a counselor. Sometimes you’re a friend. You’re a mentor.”

Karla Gonzalez, Adviser at Will C. Wood High School (Vacaville, CA)

College Advising Corps places exceptional recent college graduates from one of our partner institutions from all fields of study on high school campuses to lead low-income and first-generation students to college. College advisers work full-time alongside school staff to mentor, encourage, and assist students one-on-one as they search for colleges, complete admissions and financial aid applications, and transition from high school to higher education.

We look for individuals from diverse backgrounds who are excited to serve underrepresented students and who can work effectively with all types of students. If you are friendly, approachable, self-motivated, creative, enthusiastic, and passionate about higher education, we want you on our team.

Each spring, College Advising Corps accepts applications from graduating seniors to serve as full-time college advisers in high-need high schools across the nation.  If you recently graduated from one of our 24 partner institutions and are interested in serving as a college adviser for two years, click here to learn how to apply.

“It gives you an opportunity to make an incredible impact in numerous areas, not just within that school or that community, but in the life of somebody who may interact with somebody else down the line and inspire somebody else to continue their education. It’s like a cycle.”
Nick Dansby, Central Collegiate Academy (Detroit, MI)

What is it like to be an adviser?

Being an adviser is a transformative experience. You will change lives, discover, and cultivate new talents in yourself, and preserve the opportunity that is central to America.

Selected advisers participate in four-six weeks of intensive summer training. All advisers receive a salary, health benefits, and an education award to pay student loans or graduate school expenses.

You will begin your career with valuable experience, leadership, and problem-solving skills necessary for success in any profession. Most importantly, you’ll become an integral part of a growing national movement to get all students on the path to college.  You will be leading the way

As an adviser you will be:

  • A representative of a national nonprofit organization;
  • A representative of AmeriCorps, in many but not all cases;
  • Gaining skills in community organizing;
  • Interfacing with K-12, higher education, and community-based organizations;
  • Serving as a social entrepreneur by gaining skills in school-level needs assessment and then planning and executing a strategic plan to meet those needs;
  • Earning an education award to pay student loans or graduate school expenses or to re-pay undergraduate student loans;
  • Beginning your career with valuable experience, leadership, and problem-solving skills necessary for success in any profession;
  • Developing leadership, work, and life skills that translate directly into job experience;
  • Gaining the satisfaction of making a difference in the community and country and the satisfaction of accepting challenges and seeing results;
  • Strengthening communities;
  • Improving lives and launching a domino effect of first-generation college graduates who inspire younger siblings and others in their communities; and
  • Transforming lives.

“I think someone who is passionate about effecting change should consider College Advising Corps. One of the beautiful parts about what we do is helping students discover some of the challenges and some of the successes that they encounter on the whole college search and college application process. I’m helping them navigate through that.

Someone who is passionate about effecting change and helping someone succeed will definitely be a great fit in that whole search and discovery process. Anyone who’s really passionate about what they do and effecting lives should definitely consider our program.”
Clara Ramirez, John Tyler High School (Tyler, TX)