At College Advising Corps, we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to enter and complete higher education and are committed to supporting students as they navigate the complex processes of college admissions, financial aid, and enrollment.

We aspire to build one of the most innovative, diverse, and inclusive teams in the country. At College Advising Corps, we believe that our work is not just a vocation. It is a mission.

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Director of Information Technology

The Director of Information Technology (IT) will be accountable for providing technical leadership, expertise and support for CAC’s information systems. This position will be responsible for partnering with multiple groups across the organization (Programs, Operations, Finance, Research and Evaluation, Development, Communications and Human Resources) with the goal of understanding the current information systems state, identifying gaps and needs, and ultimately developing and implementing future information systems and risk management roadmap for CAC. Partnership with department leaders will be imperative for the success of this role.

The Director of IT will be responsible for creating and executing the strategic direction for the information systems at CAC. This will include researching new potential technology vendors, leveraging our existing technology, assessing risk, and prioritizing the needs of the organization. The Director of IT will report to the Chief of Staff and will be located in Chapel Hill, NC. To learn more about the position or to apply, visit Jazz HR.

Director, NC

The Director, North Carolina provides leadership and support to the five CAC programs in North Carolina.  The Director identifies and maintains a network of high-impact partners (including higher education leaders, investors, and government officials) critical to the maintenance, sustainability and success of our university programs in North Carolina, ensures partner programs consistently maintain high fidelity to the CAC near-peer service model and execute high-quality support for students, builds the case for legislative funding for program expansion, and works to gain additional awareness of and resources for the programs in North Carolina. To learn more about the position or to apply, visit Jazz HR.

Virtual Adviser

The Virtual Adviser position works with the virtual model through CollegePoint, an enterprising initiative with unique goals centered around increasing the number of high-achieving, low- and moderate-income students who apply to, matriculate and graduate from high graduation rate colleges and universities- institutions with graduation rates above 70 percent. CollegePoint Virtual Advisers use multiple technology interfaces to advise students throughout the year following a core curriculum. In addition to advising, Virtual Advisers are also responsible for diligently recording and tracking advising activities, student engagement and actions to accurately track and measure personal benchmarks and programmatic milestones. Virtual Advisers are expected to collaborate with team members and leadership in order to consistently strengthen the quality of CollegePoint advising and expand our student reach through partnerships with other departments and organizations. This collaboration often takes the form of committee projects and working groups. To learn more or to apply, visit JazzHR.